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site owners, this is not surprising that sometimes the search engines give out such Fortelle that at least it remains to describe. A maximum of . . . doubled up with laughter so that without outside help and not unbend. Free font of the funniest and jokes. These phrases can be used as As well as status of classmates. For example, on my site one time visitors come for: " Remove the hair on the legs, without taking tights. This is likely a very busy woman, who seems to take a shower and pantyhose. Although . . . not a fact. For some men, this topic is also relevant. Upon request, " Sex on the side with a photograph. Probably had in mind, with photos of some of the president. For example - George W. Bush. 3. " Sex - urine in the head. " Here the logic is hard to grasp. This will require the urine to pour into my head and try to . . .

With a photo of course Bush. And how do you prescription for New Years table: " Cook the soup of turtles in the string. Only now it is unclear when those same strings to put on a turtle, before cooking or after. Go ahead.

There just cranks no. If a competition, then certainly in the top three prize came the next request. Ready?

This request came one visitor: " Hairy women armpits download photos for free. " What can I say - a real gourmet. I especially liked the phrase: " Free Download" . My friend is engaged in the creation of sites. This is not entertainment. But his celebration of laughter came out: Yandex was a glitch, and its website / it only information of a technical nature to promote the site / and pulled out a week on the word " tights E2 top. The people passed through the site, to put it mildly, very much. He then wrote news about this site, so now leading a request for entering a search engine had " Pantyhose photo erotica. And the " dessert" , I suggest you request: " Monkey Poo in a cast. " Apparently, it was looking for a refined aesthetic, which become boring ordinary food and he wanted something exotic |

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recent years, many industries have developed a faster pace. The influx of foreign investment, population welfare growth, rising oil prices - all these factors gave new impetus to economic development in general and certain industries in particular. The big advantage for the business was almost complete absence of competition in many industries. But as development, the concentration of the major players and increased competition, things went as well not everyone. For example, . The industry is entirely dependent on the state of the real estate market. And in this market in recent decline.

Many experts predict general stagnation. This situation is immediately affected the decrease in profitability of production and sales of construction materials. Some major Western to postpone indefinitely the construction of new factories for the production of building materials. Also decreased the rate of discovery of building supermarkets. Not the rainbow situation is observed in the banking sector. Today we can say with confidence that the banking industry is in a stage close to saturation. There is fierce competition among banks for customers, because almost all banks have sought to open as many branches and subsidiaries, and is not Not individuals do not experience any problems when choosing a bank, which served. Specialists banks are inventing new actions and programs to attract new customers. To verify this, simply visit any . Banks are still very dependent on the proceeds of money on deposit, there are certain problems and lending by Western banks, domestic financial institutions. How will the situation in various sectors of the economy to be seen. At least the factors affecting it, there are many. This price trends in the oil market and the overall political situation and relations with the EU and the U. S. .

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sometimes happens that even the most caring and loving man goes . . . in itself. Suddenly closes, becoming numb and silent, well short, this beech. How, in such a difficult situation to behave to us, poor unhappy women? After all, we are - beings with a strong sense of guilt and the first thing that comes to mind: " That I had done something wrong! " And lets fix the situation by all available means, just to get a favorite from the shell. The worst thing you can do in that situation - panic and try to return man to the bosom of the family falling through the cracks, or vice versa, condemning criticism. You do not get, but in danger of losing her beloved. Before you deploy full- scale fighting, look what happened. If changes have been sudden, for no apparent reason, then we are dealing with one of the bizarre manifestations . What do you think, why a man for no reason, no reason at all, goes into itself, moving away, if not cease to communicate - because it has ceased to love? Nope. The reason for these changes lies deep in mans nature, and therefore belongs to the things you incomprehensible, but to be reckoned with.

What makes a woman do if faced with the dilemma? Correct: share it with loved ones, friends and relatives. What makes a man in a similar situation, you guess? Withdrawal, and until then, until he finds a solution, " back" it does not wait. For a man to admit that in life there are problems that he can not decide " on time" means a sign of weakness and failure, but that he can not afford. In women, a whole lot of contrast. How do we do when we see that the relationship with your partner become too close and he took all of our thoughts? Enjoy befallen us happiness, and in the immediate vicinity of the partner. What makes a man, when aware that love has come? Do not believe it: panic! Horrified that he was losing control over their feelings, and with it the independence, freedom . . . and takes a timeout in order to stop and think about the further life and times in the new status of the boyfriend or husband. A man goes into itself, if it is under stress, something that upset or angry, put out of balance. If he does not know how to answer the question ( especially if the answer depends on the fate of) , etc. etc. In other words, closure - a typical reaction of the stronger sex on any difficult situation, therefore it must be treated as a temporary but necessary evil . The question is what to do at this time to you?

Yes, the same as always: lead a full life, to meet with friends, given to impulsive shopping . . . Just think: you came mass of free time, which can be spent only on myself. For example, throw a few extra pounds, or to learn a foreign language. Imagine how nice it would be handpicked some time to discover how you smarter and prettier. If you live under one roof and you are forced to endure his indifference almost every day, here are some trivial, but very effective recommendations: - Be benevolent and not condemn him. - Do not require attention, not accusing him of insensitivity and indifference. - Do not mess with their excessive concern and participation. - Do not try to solve the problems of men behind him, and even aid does not offer. Just be patient and wait out troubled times.

If possible, cross at the time the parents or close friend. Loved waking himself will call you back when you realize that self- control situation or finding the right solution. Even if you panic afraid that the man did not return , Does not deter him forcibly. If that timeout is not you, do not worry - come back, will not go anywhere.

If the care themselves due to fear of intimacy, then their pressure you just add to worry about. Conversely, calm and patience will convince him of the correctness of the choice partner, because his wise conduct prodemonstriruesh that you do not intend to restrict his freedom.

government of canada travel advisories If you are traveling to Rome from the north, do not hesitate

government of canada travel advisories

If you are traveling to Rome from the north, do not hesitate to make a full circle, and then

and two, at the Republic Square Naiad, my! "

The header - a replica of the mad passion velor - armor. Intonational

released the first word is principle. The second floor could provide Kostik

- Menshikov, who once went to naiad yet, but from the sensitivity of the


"Pokrovsky Gates, thank God, I turned a quarter century. In 1982

, the few people "waving in Europe," the floodgates were still closed. More

exit and travel abroad to haunt us, our past: fragments of songs, lost

time slang, quotations from the movie - as is now the Republic Square

Rome, from Fontana naiads.

Naiad, Nereid they do - variety of nymphs, but are found not in the mountains or forests,

in reservoirs. Sirens, those of the other operas, not to mention the wicked Scylla and Charybdis.

Naiad - girls beautiful and cheerful. Nekapriznye, unless you become

forcing them to stay on dry land. Responsive in love.

Among the green waters kiss Tauride,

At dawn I saw Nereid.

Hidden among the trees, I had hardly dared to breathe:

Above the young, white as a swan, sits

And the foam of the Vlasov jet squeezed.

Do not shiver from the river - born mermaid! - It Tsvetaeva.

Subject velvet concerns swimmer Light - Dogileva appears in a swimsuit.

In these nymphs, as well water and land, such prejudice was not.

What was the astonishment, admiration, resentment, when in 1901, Mario

Rutelli, the Romans introduced the guests to the Eternal City and its work. Four completely

not wearing sozdani9 charming, refreshing water fountain, dashing racing:

- Naiad groundwater - a dragon, although it was felt that the brontosaurus.

Initially, the middle was an intricate composition of three newts, dolphin

and octopus. She immediately got the nickname Fritto Misto. This is Italian

dish of lightly toasted remains of marine life - the small and poorly recognizable

on the plate. Lemon very tasty.

Rutelli was sensitive to criticism. Octopus with the company pushed to another

area, instead of them appeared Glaucus (Glaucus). In Ovid, the god of the sea

even when he was a man after my grass, which made him immortal, but for

is gods transplanted Glaucus fins, fish tail and gills. In the center of the fountain, he

desperately struggling with a dolphin.

Who of you readers a little older, not heard in a past life the menacing words "Glaucus.

Above it was only the ministry. At the head office fate of the plants, KB, people.

In the chapter dispatched beauties of the design department and supply with an iron liver.

It remains only to once again marvel at the coincidence, which teaches

we travel in space and time.

Led to the fountain aqueduct gratis rebuilt by Pope Pius IX in 1870, more

This noble gesture Pius will not count: ten days after the opening of "Naiad"

Papal States, with its capital in Rome was devastated, she had nothing more to do

a unified and indivisible Italy. My father locked himself in

Offended at the whole world,

having lost the rest of the estate and any secular authority. Otherwise, by the way,

to be seen to Rome later this fountain, as their ears. Female nudity,

moreover the group and the open space would be completely unthinkable in the papal

Rome, you will not dissent

But even without the pope at the fountain found enemies. He was surrounded by a fence. As a result, then

that the fence was, of course, a hundred times more attractive. Yes, and what it means

a fence, if the hot Roman guys want to look at beautiful girls.

Fence will soon resembled a sieve, and then fell at all. The wealthy male audience

in cabs or their own crews described the area in the center of which

naiads happy life, slow circles. Cab clashed, had close

Entrance horse, then road transport.

Old-timers will recall that won in the small cafe could even forty years ago

see two old ladies, however, very well-dressed and fit. There were four

- Young model who posed for that Rutelli. For obvious reasons, done

this time in secrecy. Two broken lives, the other two pulled happy

tickets. And so these mischievous child of Fortune released the drivers, then bought espresso

and look at themselves and their friends, learning and not learning. They hardly speak,

just look, plunging ever deeper in dolce far niente, "sweet nothing


By the fountain in the Piazza Repubblica Rutelli, a snap to get on the subway, the same name

station is located a stones throw from the central station. The fountain is surrounded by two

semicircular magnificent palaces. Right next to the church of the Virgin and the ruins of the term

Diocletian, which simultaneously fits easily washed and 3000 people. This is not

misprint. There is a point at which one of the naiads is just on the background of these

eerieness ruins. Lively movement, no one thought of staring at the magnificent

Quartet. Other times, other customs. Tourists are few. The area remains as a

aside from natoptannyh routes. Can understand naiad groundwater. She trusted

very important sector. Once in Rome, reached such hidden natural

tanks, and already two thousand years, as there are no problems with water supply. Boldly

Roman drink water from the tap. It is not just clean, it is a real mineral

water, melt or spring water, no gas.

And how easy is it there under the ground, where it did not really get to know with whom and pitch darkness?

Naiad slightly drawn, stretched out on the back of the monster. Dorval to the sun

and sky. Hands thrown over her head, I think, really, for Pushkin, squeezes "foam

of Vlasov. And when the jets caress her naked waist, and even in the sun,

and formed a small rainbow, I want to forgive Rutelli absurd Glaucus, and some,

say flaws Gverreri, create your own fountain.

Naiad good. Excellent naiads.

cruise vacations Hotel.Stayed at the hotel ".. Rating: 5.1The hotel we chose the wife of reviews.

cruise vacations


Stayed at the hotel ".

. Rating: 5.1

The hotel we chose the wife of reviews. Nothing boded trouble, especially as I was driving in Pattaya is not the first time (last time stayed in

park 3 *) and represented about what to expect.

We have chalets - a room in a two-story house, located to the right of three buildings hotel. As to the interior rooms - from 4-star hotel I expected more. Air conditioner rattled so that if it were not tired of endless trips - we would not have been able to sleep or from noise or from lack of air (if turned off it). But all the details.

The most interesting thing started the day before departure. The evening my wife and I relaxed on the veranda - drank wine, ate pizza (by the way, patayskaya pizza was much more delicious Italian). Suddenly out of the bushes taxied horribly bitten and bloody dog came up to the veranda, looked at us ... turned and ran away. The next morning in a small pool, which is located in these houses, on a blue tiled floor clearly viewed some ugly brown spot. What was that we did not check, but the thought crept into my head the most bad. But we swam there, too, yesterday evening, just before the incident with the dog!

Then, there was a morning departure to the airport (06:30). At the reception by, we decided to pay 300 baht for washing clothes. The purse was not the correct amount and I offered to employees (two Thais) to take part of the amount of dollars, especially since there is the same, the reception by, burning electronic display and exchange rates. But the Thai people waved their hands and jabbered "Bats ONLY YOU, ONLY YOU Bats. Im pointing at the scoreboard asked them "what is this?". I asked several times, but each time received no answer. Soon, they all moved to higher tone and began to threaten me (!) That I can not leave, if not urgently find baht. Good service, I must say! In the end we paid off Quatre Visa, have decided that our legs would no longer be in this hotel and preotvratitelnym mood went to the airport.

The way, local guides "Natalie Tours" - rare fools. Because of them we like idiots dragged along 2h700 baht airport tax, which actually was not needed. But thats another story.

cheap hotels venice italy Chiang Rai - Mae Salong - Mae Malai - Pai - Chiang Mai - Ayutthaya -

cheap hotels venice italy

Chiang Rai - Mae Salong - Mae Malai - Pai - Chiang Mai - Ayutthaya - Sichang Island - Bangkok Darwin was right. My ancestors, along with dirty retroviruses morelyubivymi amphibians and English-speaking apes clearly have been a bird. As of April 26, 2008 I am in my 30 years been incomplete in 35 countries, has flown more than 130 000 miles of loyalty programs in the two carriers. On average, 4 000 miles per year. How would I have entitled my life? Apparently not "Olympic prospect, 26."

Another gene encoded a flight fell exactly on Good Friday. Thailand, called until 1939 Siam, literally translated either as "the country of Thais," or as "free country" ( "Thay" - to Thai " , Freedom, and Siam - the only country in Southeast Asia, which failed to colonize either France or Great Britain!). 65 million Thais have about 15 million tourists a year, tourism revenues account for about 6% of GDP. Kingdom is becoming less "Thai" and more "unfree" from tourists.

Despite this bias in Thailand I decided to visit the country still stands. First, since studies in Korea, I had a few amusing Thai friends (one a crank, for example, after receiving an MBA degree resigned from Samsung and went to work as a pilot in some start-up project called

). I wanted to visit them. Second, directors with fancy names and surnames did sometimes good movies - Fan Chan (My Girl), Beautiful Boxer, Tropical Malady and Ong Bak, and even dreary Thai music is not left I was indifferent. I wanted to get into the epicenter of all this. Thirdly, Taio0nd still holds many mysteries and absurdities. Thus, His Majesty the King of Thailand - the only monarch in the world, who has American citizenship and that the Constitution should be a Buddhist (in this case being the patron of all religions). Thai alphabet - the second largest in the world after the neighboring Khmer and the capital of Thailand is the longest city name in the world, consisting of 64 syllables ( "Bangkok - Village of Plum Olive - a nickname, historically a misunderstanding). In addition, Thailand - the most buddaemkaya country and the world: more than 95% of the population practice Buddhism in the country for more than 32 700 Buddhist temples, where about 370 000 monks and novices. This is about 1 in 170 citizens monk. I see this firsthand. Finally, Thailand - the worlds largest exporter of rice and one of the major economies burnorazvivayuschegosya region. So in terms of progressing agflyatsii regional graduate business schools could be slapped "nezachet" is absent from this field trip.

While everyone was busy shopping the monastery, the consecration of cakes and painted eggs on, I bought elektrobilet

-Bangkok-Moscow (20 000 rubles) and the same day, proudly boarded the "V. Kokkinaki" - Il-96, painted like a corporate Aeroflot egg. Since Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Honored Test Pilot of the CCCR, Air Force Major General, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR V. Kokkinaki late hour, passengers, slowly brought to an Easter sale in duty free. Apparently, strict fasting and blissful thoughts on Good Friday - the day of crucifixion and Christs passion - none of the following from Moscow to Phuket and Pattaya has not adhered to.

3 oclock the time difference to be overcome in 9 flight hours. In the twilight of night, we swept over Kabul, Lahore, Calcutta and Yangon. Was pleasantly surprised by the presence of green tea Aeroflot filling. Normal Maisky Chai in late April.

At 8 am under the sign Welcome to the Land of Smiles pass passport procedures. 25-dollar visa on arrival canceled a year ago. Now Thai pograntsy as their Malaysian counterparts, the Russians put a free stamp-long 30 days. Im trying to smile in the competitive digital camera border. It must be the same - The Land of Smiles! The official re-branding? Smile, without a doubt, better than elephants, massage, tablets, boxing and the twins. In the hall for domestic flights is check raspiarennogo regional discounter Air Asia. Ticket to Chiangraya I bought on their website the day before for $ 60. If the thought faster, could be cheaper. On board departures flights discounter visible to the naked eye - they are the only ones in the whole terminal, delayed an average of an hour. Democratic slogan

- Now Everyone Can Fly. How to interpret this? Whether even the stragglers on the flight, passengers can fly on Air Asia, or whether the economy is struggling with punctuality. At the boarding pass seat number is not specified - you can sit at any empty, as in the bus. Before Chiangraya our Boeing to fly 1 hour 15 minutes. Inexpensive fares fend off various services for an additional fee. For example, one piece of luggage costs 30 baht (if you register on site at the airport - 50B), the so-called Xpress Check-in is paid from a separate, different snacks and sandwiches on board the cost of 70-90B. Red and white Air Asia could easily become the official carrier of "Spartacus" on flights in the Asian part of Russia, but today there vtyuhivayut such bizarre items, as beysbolki (290B) and T-shirts (390B) Manchester United. Water and bombs can not bring on board. Even for an extra charge:)

From Chiangraya in Chiang Mai: the hypotenuse of the Golden Triangle Chiang Rai City has been very pleasant, provincial and compact place with the strong influence of the nearby Burma. 785 km from Bangkok, 580m above sea level - this is the fundamental measure of this city. Winding river and a dozen churches did not attract predatory flocks of tourist buses. However, this city - the first capital of the kingdom of Lanna (occupies the entire north + Laos). It is more than 30 years older than the current tourist capital of the north - Chiang Mai (in 1296 in the present co Chiang Mai - New City - the king divinely were deer and white mouse, so it was decided to establish a new capital is there). In Chiang Rai total 62 000 inhabitants, 12.5% of whom are colorful natives called hill tribes - the surrounding "mountain people". Well here are more famous lychee fruit and a sandy beach on the Kok River, which is called "Pattaya".

On a single hill at the river shore panoramic Wat Phra That Doi Chom Thong on the 14-meter gold stupa and colorful Sadu Muang - whether phallic symbol, or the navel (the geographical center) of the city, or the Buddhist symbol of the universe (such as Borobudur in Java ). The nearby temple of Wat Phra Kaew gave the world one of the most revered Buddha statues - Emerald Buddha, which is currently in safekeeping in the eponymous twin-temple in Bangkok. In 1434, in an octagonal stupa of the temple was struck by lightning, and it split - he reveals the light of day sitting Buddha jade. Like the dwarf from "Amelie", he soon went for a walk on the world - Sri Lanka, Kampuchea, Ayutthaya, Lampang, Chiang Mai, Vientiane - in 1778, finally settled in Bangkok. On the 90 th anniversary of the Queen Mother unknown Chinese millionaire chiangrayskomu temple gave a copy of the original Jade. But 10 mm shorter. The fact that the Buddhist canons prohibit the manufacture of replicas of sacred places.

Besides these two iconic temples, Chiang Rai in many less well known. Everywhere protrude towers houses for spirits - habitats of local demons and spirits, which, as in Bali, trays various offerings, water and fruit. In these blessed places on the outskirts of the Golden Triangle Buddhism, communism and hemp are fighting for the best of opium for the people.

Few chiangrayskie tourists - tranzitniki. More than one or two days here are held only trekkers in comfortable footwear. Here I am, sending morning smsku "Christ is risen!", Moved to an even more extreme north to the bus, which was so much hair dryers, that it seemed he was about to take off.

The village Santikhiri (formerly known as Mae Salong) 80 km from Chiangraya - a former center of the opium trade, turned into a harmless and prosperous Little Switzerland (altitude of 1800m). Opium poppies on the Burmese authorities pushed the beds, but instead of smiling alpine cows, chocolate and cheese have focused on green tea and cherry trees. Its premises have historically been inhabited by the ancestors of the true Chinese Kuomintan from the army, fled here in 1949 through Burma. Political refugees founded on the pony in desolate mountain village in Thai yunnanskom nostalgic style. Until now, the Chinese language here can be heard more often than the Thai, in the parking lot for Ping Pong tables and portraits Chenkayshi, and instead of tom-yum soup on the table there is oolong tea, tofu, and one-thousand years old eggs.

The Thai government has left illegitimate Chinese garrison for a reason. They were asked to guard the northern territory from gaining force in 1960-1970- years. communist movement. For these strategic goals, all means are good, and in an interview with British journalists ki-Thai military leader frankly admitted: We have to continue to fight the evil of communism, and to fight you must have an army, and an army must have guns, and to buy guns you must have money. In these mountains, the only money is opium. Heroin against Marx and Engels.

Communism retreated. Opium is smoked. Now the only thing for what can go here - to observe the life of ethnic minority. Mountain tribes are advertised on postcards and brochures as well as in Russia - nanotechnology. Colorful representatives of the Akha, Yao, Karen, Lahu, Hmong and Lisa kept their languages, cultures and esoteric practices. In their straightforward village high in the mountains and a few dogs wandering backpackers. Personally, I liked most Akha: their women wear head futuristic iron plate with balls and a gate of the village residents put a big doll with specific wooden genitals. In many villages hanging signs homestay - you can stop and have a smoke, sleep (from 100B). Caught very advanced ethnic groups - in one village I met the solar batteries and recycle bins for various types of garbage! Eccentric environmentalist Horton the elephant, walking through the jungle, approval would have slapped ears.

Okurenny another spiritualistic Lahu tribal leader from all sorts of trouble in life, I drank in the evenings on the veranda of the hotel excellent local teas in a society such losers, parasites, sociopaths and broken. All of our pathological social environment he lived in a hotel, similar to an alpine clinic, with free internet access, where rooms rent for 50 baht / night (40 USD), and energy resources - local massage umelitsy-shamans - cost of 100 baht per hour (80 USD). Someone came here a couple of days, someone could screw together here all my life. I remembered the same Thai film - Fan chan - the director with a nostalgic look at childhood. I saw him twice on the Fantastic Film Festival in Korean Bucheon. Maybe Thailand - this is a window into childhood. What kind of books Paul Sanaeva "Bury me for skirting.

Mae Salong - a good place to remember and about John Rambo. Is this not, in almost unformed and unprotected border with Burma, he settled after his brutal brain twisting works in Vietnam and Afghanistan, industrial rybokobrotorgovley? Remember? Live for nothing, or die for something! - boatman in the dress code, an American tourist holds a coaching session with a mercenary-riot policemen in the Indochinese jungle. Lessons do not go in vain. When appropriate TNT equivalent is exhausted, a righteous and fear God the white missionary will seek non-Christian rock in the temple - a peacekeeping mission progressive Varangian functionaries drown in blood "barbarians". Those-who-knows-better-life-other against those who spat-on-those-who-knows-better-life-other. Sound familiar? And this picture is notable for the fact that only one in the entire movie turns out to be a blonde ... unsympathetic.

From the cinematic reflections led me to the cyclone Nargis. May 3, he hit Burma - about 100 000 victims, more than 40 000 are still missing. And throughout northern Taya loaded rains. Well, that Yangon was not convenient connections to Bangkok, and I still stopped by his choice of Chiang Rai. Lucky, as Gus Hiddink.

New arrivals from Laos raucous French puzzling me zolototreugolnym, apparently the question: Hey, dude, do you know where we can get some grass?. Pretend that the question to me as incomprehensible as "Putins Plan". This morning Im going in the direction of Pai, in Tha Ton, but because of the weather and the karma bus schedules had to spend the night in the village of Mae Malai, in the only city in the entire hotel. Mae Malai - this is not the city. Is a hole. Something like Bruges. "Um, where is it?" - you might say. This is in Belgium. The rain stops, and on TV twist an old movie Birthday Girl with Vincent Cassel in the role of the Russian -mafia.

Morning weather, like Russias government has demonstrated its continuity, and I went to the famous caves slonovnik near Chiang Dao. Elephants - like a smile, boxing, and sex - are a national symbol of the kingdom. Until 1917, white elephant, even attended the national flag. But elephants are disappearing - and not only with the flag. It has now graze not more than 3 000 wild elephants - less than in neighboring Burma, but more than in India. 2 300 animals kept in captivity - mostly they are engaged in the tourist business, logging, construction and other works in the jungle. Wed experience of working elephants - 50 years, and upon reaching 61, the Thai laws require the owner to let the elephant on the will-retire. However, economic difficulties and the industrial modernization of labor is increasingly forcing some owners to dismiss kormoemkih elephants - and these declassed wandering ronin on Thai spaces, trampling crops, and the wrath of the local Agricultural Producers. Other owners of the opposite - over-exploited animals. Plying their amphetamines and forced to work around the clock, trying to squeeze out of them to the maximum. Complicated life of elephants.

Elephant performance in slonovnike runs twice a day in the morning. Within 30 minutes of a dozen animals walk in a circle, squatted, put logs in a neat polenitsu raise and return the owner had fallen tools, hats and bottles of mineral water. In general, elephants, their trunks antics curious tricks with a variety of subjects - from bottle to straw hats. Much the same can be seen on the famous vagina-show in Bangkok and Pattaya. Trunk - it is the same vagina. It is fortunate that the Thais have not yet smart enough to make an elephant in play ping pong and open bottles of beer, their genitals. I hope to organize on the basis of slonovnika go-go bar for zoophilia fantasies they also will not suffice. In the meantime, catharsis, the last number - the so-called killer application - this elephant painting. Arming his nose with a brush, animal painter elephant quickly made a set of parallel colored smears. All this was like the creation of a fashionable and superkontseptualnogo artist! Connoisseurs can immediately purchase slonopolotno (500B).

Gentle and sentimental elephants - as emo. You can watch hours of their lives. Especially young naturalists can get volunteers for a couple of weeks, months - to help, care, feed, and to walk pets.

In four or five hours drive from slonovnika is another mountainous bekpekerskaya mecca - Pai. Not so long ago it was a quiet county town on the banks of the river netihoy the same name. Now the airport is opened, with daily flights to Chiang Mai, there are several ATM and stores 7 / 11, and the streets are full of advertisements of more than 100 gesthausov, restaurants, jazz-bars, internet, massage and trekking services. As a result - on the streets more often confronted with Farang, foreigners, than, actually, with the Thais. 3 Farang and 1 taets 6 glasses of beer poured CHANG and served in a relaxed form at the shade of coconut trees - thats the whole formula is proprietary razdolpaiskogo cocktail. The official motto of this place sounds like a DO NOTHING IN PAI (not weakly, but ?! I also like it!). This every step of the approved show village soviet postcards and T-shirts. Desperate nichegonedeyatelyam proposed ascension to the pagoda on the hill, rafting, hot spa springs with temperatures ranging from 80 to 200C, several waterfalls and slonovnik with walks. Inspairation! Very colorful Wednesday Market, which in the early morning down a lot of ethnic people from the sensitive surrounding mountain villages. Pairadise!

Besides all this, Pai is known for his hyperactive police station. In 2006, the chief of police staged a series of brave checks urination vacationers - in bars and other entertainment establishments. We love utopai! Backpackers with low-quality Urino fell to the district jail, where a few days later they were released under the "penalty" 5 000-10 000 baht. Finally, on Jan. 5, 2008 sergeant fatally shot a local branch of a Canadian tourist and wounded a second. According to eyewitnesses, all participants in the incident were pretty drunk. Good Pai Days!

After four hours of continuous serpentine drive from Pai to the south you get to the northern capital of Thailand - practically Peter - Chiang Mai. Since the end of XIII century.